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May 23 News of the Day!

Post Date:05/23/2020 12:00 p.m.


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News at Grand!

 Standards Department

If you would like to make an improvement to the exterior of your home, the first step is to complete an ARC Application. Now available on the www.suncitygrand.com homepage for easy access, the ARC application will allow you to submit all changes to the exterior of a dwelling unit to the Architectural Review Committee. Simply click on the "ARC Application" bubble, and kick-start your vision to the exterior of your home!


If you would like to reserve an appointment with the Standards Department and/or the Membership Department, feel free to email appointments@scgcam.com or call 623-546-7442, as these departments will open for appointments beginning on Tuesday, May 26th.

Dog Park Opens 

The Dog Park is available beginning today, May 23rd, from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM (no reservation required). Please follow all posted signage, as the information for reopening the Dog Park is available. Hand sanitizer will be provided; however, we ask that you bring your own to ensure a sufficient amount is available. We hope that you and your dog enjoy a nice visit to the dog park!

Sun City Grand Liability Waiver and Acknowledgement and Agreement

The COVID-19 waiver is available for you to complete online. If you have not completed the Sun City Grand Liability Waiver and Acknowledgement and Agreement, click here to access the waiver. *If you have submitted your waiver and have not yet received a confirmation email, one will be coming soon. Please note, Google limited the numbers of confirmation emails due to their antispam process. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Reservation System

Click here to review the announcement regarding the opening of some amenities and services in Sun City Grand. Other amenities and services will be announced as they are approved by the Board of Directors to reopen. As we move forward with new reservation systems and other new processes, we will do our best to communicate these to you in a timely manner to ensure you can participate. Please click here to watch a special announcement from our Creative Projects Manager and the plans we are taking to assist the community!

Technology Survey

Survey Monkey, which is the third party system we use to conduct most of the surveys in Sun City Grand, will be doing a system update today. Due to this update, the Technology Survey may not be accessible, so please wait until May 24th to fill out, if you have not already: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SCGtechnology

Did you know... For updates provided by Sun City Grand to residents in regards to the response of COVID-19, you may click here or visit www.suncitygrand.com


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