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June 16 News of the Day!

Post Date:06/16/2020 11:45 a.m.


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News at Grand!

Special Announcement

Message from the Board of Directors:

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.”

Recently, emails from a few residents have been widely circulated, expressing some frustration as to where we are and why, and how we got here. 

Many of the assertions in these emails are not accurate. The Board believes it is important to correct these inaccuracies, and to provide the true facts, so that Sun City Grand residents can form their own opinions, and can base their opinions on the facts, rather than on rumors and misinformation.

Assertion: SCG residents have footed the payroll bill for 300+ SCG employees sitting at home for the last 12+ weeks


  • The Board voted unanimously to continue to pay the benefits for the 312 full-time and part-time SCG employees during the period of March 13th through June 30th.
  • It was never the case that 312 employees were being paid to "sit at home." Instead, 150 golf course employees continued to work normal hours, which allowed the golf courses to generate income on a budget of over $1.6 million in April and May. If those 150 golf course employees had stayed home during this period, the golf courses would have earned zero income.
  • Beyond the 150 golf course employees who continued to work, other employees were repurposed to other duties. 28 food and beverage employees were deployed for sanitation of golf carts. Half of the facilities/housekeeping employees continued to work. Overall, over 70% of SCG employees continued to work during this period.
  • All remaining SCG employees were called back to work as of May 18th, in order to prepare for the reopening of SCG amenities.
  • The Board considered a number of factors in making the decision to extend pay, not the least of which were the potential future costs to hire and train replacement employees, which would have been incurred if we laid-off employees, and they found work elsewhere. The Board also considered non-monetary grounds in its decision process: SCG employees have been hard-working and loyal and deserve loyalty in return.

Assertion: Arizona Governor Ducey said that restaurants could reopen beginning May 11th, and that pools and gyms could reopen beginning May 14th, but the SCG BOD was not ready.


  • The CDC has observed that older adults (65 years and older) are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. The average age of SCG residents is 72. The Board researched many sources to determine the safest ways to open pools, gyms, and all other amenities. Safety was the Board's number one consideration in opening facilities.
  • Far from "not being ready," the Board has worked diligently to develop reopening plans for each individual amenity that follow CDC and other official guidelines, in order to maximize the safety of SCG residents who wish to enjoy the amenities.
  • Governor Ducey's statements permitted but did not require the reopening of restaurants, pools, and gyms.
  • The Board has repeatedly stated that it takes guidance regarding reopening decisions from a number of sources beyond Governor Ducey's statements, including the CDC, the City of Surprise, and other West Valley active adult communities.
  • The Board has already opened almost all outdoor amenities, as well as the Cimarron fitness center, the Adobe fitness center, the Adobe indoor pool, and the Adobe indoor walking track.
  • Opening indoor clubs and common area buildings present significant challenges to the health and safety of SCG residents, compared to opening outdoor amenities. The Board is and has been working on ways to address these challenges. Meanwhile, the Lifestyles Advisory Committee and the Board are working on reviewing and approving the reopening plans of Clubs that meet indoors, so that when the buildings can be reopened, those plans will be ready to implement.

Assertion: Ken Olson proposed an estimated $200,000 improvement for the patio behind the Palm Center, but this improvement had not gone through any committee.


  • The proposal for the Palm Center rear patio (Purchase Request 19-017-CF) was approved by the Finance Advisory Committee on October 15th, 2019, before being forwarded to and approved by the Board.

The Board's objectives are to safeguard the Association and SCG residents and to provide safe access to the SCG amenities for the enjoyment of SCG residents. The Board has sought and followed the advice of professionals and other experts in making decisions regarding COVID-19 and will continue to do so. We will rely on science and facts, and will not be influenced by social media chatter.-- From your Sun City Grand Board of Directors

Letter from Surprise Police Chief Terry Young

We have received several inquiries regarding the current protests within the City of Surprise and globally. The City of Surprise has issued a statement in response to the surrounding concerns to these occurrences. Please click here to view the letter from Surprise Police Chief, Terry Young. In addition, Officer Jason Washburn has addressed this concern, along with others, in a recorded video that will be published and available for your viewing in the coming days. Be on the lookout, as this information will answer your questions as well.

Membership and Standards Office Reservation [Change]

Effective yesterday, the Membership and Standards Department are no longer utilizing the reservation system for their services. Instead, residents may walk-in to receive service from the Membership and Standards Department.

 Fitness Center Online Reservation [Change]

Due to the low volume of attendance at the Cimarron and Adobe gyms, the walking track, and the Adobe rec pool, we have removed the restrictions online that only allow you to reserve every other day. Now, members can reserve online for every day. The Cimarron rec pool and lap lanes, as well as the Adobe lap lanes, still limit access to every couple of days. We encourage you to frequently check the "Reopening & Reservations" bubble located on www.suncitygrand.com. All updates and changes to the reservation system will be located on this page.

Reopening and Reservations bubble

Did you know... Here in Arizona, the monsoon season officially began yesterday, June 15th? If you happen to capture any scenery around Grand with the changing weather, feel free to email your picture to communications@scgcam.com as it may get published on our Facebook page!


"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory."-- Dr. Seuss

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