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June 29 News of the Day!

Post Date:06/29/2020 12:00 p.m.


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News at Grand!

Special Announcement

Message from the Board of Directors:

"I Love My Village Center"

We all do. At this point, the Village Center is the very best casual meeting place we have here on Campus. In fact, it may be the only such place.

The recent Town Hall on the Village Center did exactly what it was supposed to do, get community feedback for the Village Center Large Scale Project Committee. However, more clarity is needed to fully understand the process and all the options. Here, we will lay out how a Large Scale Project unfolds from first thought to completion. We have four such projects in the pipeline: Granite Falls Restaurant, Cimarron, Desert Springs, and the Village Center. But here, we will use the Village Center as an example.

Strategic Plan: The strategic plan is the most common document that creates project ideas for the future of SCG. The Village Center Project, as did the others, arose from the research of the Strategic Plan in 2017, proceeding to conceptual ideas by the Long Range Planning Committee in 2017 and 2018, then, a Large Scale Project Team was assigned, which lead to further research, and finally a presentation at a Town Hall in Sept 2018 along with the other projects. A second Town Hall was held several months ago where J2, the firm hired to work on the conceptual design, was present to listen to any and all comments from a very well attended audience. Then, a very recent Town Hall.

Communications: Since the inception of the Village Center Project during the formation of the Strategic Plan up to this point, here is a highlight of the communications that have been made available. A review of the plan was covered by the Long Range Planning Committee in at least half of their monthly meetings over the last two-plus years. 

LRP meetings were and still are the most heavily attended subcommittees at SCG. Additionally, an update on the Plan was given often at Board meetings during this time. LRP has their own eblast each month that gives regular updates to those that signed up to receive them. An in-depth survey allowing for written comments was also done to collect the desires of the residents. Magazine articles often gave updates on the Project. Food and Beverage presentations often included information about their thoughts for the Village Center.

The Total Concept: The Team is in the “collection” process and gathering all kinds of good ideas to enhance the already loved Village Center. 
We will leave it to the Team to deliver their ideas in detail as they plan to do in future Town Halls, but here is just a sampling of what some of them are. Babbling brook, does it stay? Yes, love it. Will some small ponds on the edge be taken out? Perhaps. Look at them closely. There are several that are a safety hazard and people have fallen in them.

They are at the edge and secondary to the babbling brook. So an idea being looked at is to replace a small pond area with pavers to create another quaint nook where one or two small table settings could be put in each for more seating tucked into the existing landscape. Love the grass? How about replacing the AstroTurf down by the fountain that offers no ambiance and replaces it with small seating areas with perhaps plants, flowers, shade, etc to enhance the main small setting atmosphere. 

Do you like the two grass areas at each end of the main Village Center area? Could something be done there to increase enjoyment? Plants, shade, etc? How about an outdoor bar for spirits, coffee, etc. and a Cafe that serves food open beyond the present hour of 5 pm? Happy hours for quiet enjoyment whether there is an event or not. 

Presently, there is no suitable place to enjoy a glass of wine, especially after 5 pm. Happy hours? Wine tastings? Go to the Lounge across the hall from the Cafe. Note the door that goes out to a patio just a few feet. Could that area outside be enhanced and landscaped to capture the essence of the Village Center for patrons who might want to enjoy a light lunch or a small evening dinner? Upgrade the sound system? Low-level lighting among the landscaping? New plants and irrigation to upgrade the foliage? Keep all the trees? These are just a sample of some of the options the Large Scale Project team is considering. There are many more. Regardless of your opinions at first glance please don’t judge the Village Center until you have seen all of the various suggestions that will be brought forward.

Funding: In all four Large Scale Projects mentioned here the funding comes from Care Funds and Reserves, not the dues. For the Village Center, it is mostly Care Funds. Care Funds come from people who buy homes here. We use their money to upgrade the offerings here at SCG so we can effectively compete with the other HOA offerings in the area. This appeals to new owners and our present owners also gain personal enjoyment of the new upgrades and rising financial equity in their homes. We are in an even better state now with the increase in the Care funds. Large Scale Projects are put on a priority list and they are not approved until available funding has been identified by the Long Range Financial Planning sub-committee which tracks all available funding. The funding for the Village center is available.

Budget vs Large Scale Projects Funding: The two are separate. The budget is for running the business and during these trying times, we have stresses on the budget we have to deal with. To that point we have canceled or delayed over 1 Million dollars of that was to be spent this year. The Large Scale Projects are constructed by Care and Reserves funds which are separate and therefore not a direct impact on the dues. So the Board can move forward addressing both pots of money without them competing with each other. In other words, let’s make sure we take care of today but let's make sure we prepare for the future out of Care Funds. Care funds have been collected from new buyers precisely for the purpose of enhancing our amenity offerings.

For the present, submit any questions about the Village Center you have to the following email address. gary.jann@gmail.com Gary is the chairman of the Village Center Large Scale Project Team.

A final question: I have outlined above the many ways you can be kept aware of what is going on in these projects. I highly suggest you sign up for the LRP eblast as a start and review the various other information avenues available at Board meetings, LRP committee meeting, Town Hall, etc. 
There is more to come on additional projects and all of them are aimed at bringing an exciting new vision to SCG for the future using funding separate from the dues. We often get the response that “I didn’t know.”  We are a team you and the Board, Committees, CAM, and as such communication is a two-way street. We would ask that you put forward the effort to learn about what is going on in your community from a more reliable source than social media. If you look you will find out we have communicated repeatedly and we will continue to do so.

Looking forward.-- Don Love, President of Sun City Grand's Board of Directors.

ARC Applications 

Due to the 4th of July holiday falling on Saturday, the CAM office is closed in observance of the holiday on Friday, July 3rd. The deadline for submitting ARC applications will be at 4 PM on Monday, June 29th for review by the subcommittee on Wednesday, July 1st, with results on Thursday, July 2nd. Click here to submit your applications online.

Accessing the ARC Meeting on Wednesday, July 1st at 9:30 AM will be via Zoom. The link to this meeting has been placed on our Sun City Grand calendar event page, or click here, to be redirected to the calendar event page located on www.suncitygrand.com. *Please note, the meeting link will not be active until promptly at 9:30 AM. For instructions on how to access Zoom, click here.

To view the current agenda for this meeting, click this link: 07-01-2020 ARC Agenda

Special Board of Directors' Meeting 

Tomorrow, June 30th at 1:00 PM via Zoom

Accessing the Special Board of Directors' Meeting will be via Zoom. The link to this meeting has been placed on our Sun City Grand calendar event page, or click here, to be redirected to the calendar event page located on www.suncitygrand.com. *Please note, the meeting link will not be active until promptly at 1:00 PM. For instructions on how to access Zoom, click here.

To view the current agenda for this meeting, click this link: 06-30-2020 Special Board Meeting Agenda

Summertime Livin': A CREATIVE Guide to Living in Sun City Grand

Thursday, July 2nd at 1:00 PM via Vimeo.com/grandtv and Facebook

Get ready! We are splashin' into another week of Summertime Livin' and we want you to join us this Thursday for our special Fourth of July episode! We will showcase everything from the sounds of The Star-Spangled Banner, the history of Independence Day, a must-have fourth of July themed table decor, how to make quick fourth of July treats, and things you can do outside of Grand to celebrate this holiday season! To top it off, there will be special giveaways awarded to the winners of the incorporated games during this episode. You do not want to miss out! Mark your calendars for Thursday at 1:00 PM, and let's continue to make wonderful summer memories together.

4th of July Summertime Livin' flyer

Did you know... Residents may ask a question or provide a comment to the Community Association Management or the Board of Directors by submitting an "Ask Us" request? Residents may also submit a Landscape, Maintenance, Maintained Homes, or Golf work order. To submit an "Ask Us" or "Work Order" request, please visit www.suncitygrand.com or click here!


"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer."-- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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