Board of Directors

Terry Murphy, President

Terry MurphyA Minnesota native who moved to California in the mid-70’s, after it dawned on me, early one cold winter morning, as I was reaching into the freezer for orange juice for breakfast, that it was warmer inside the freezer than it was outside. Very proud to be related to three beautiful granddaughters: one married to a wonderful man in Minnesota; and two in school in Rhode Island (4th & 9th grades). I am an advocate of the Kaizen business philosophy: We will do better today than we did yesterday, and we will do better tomorrow than we do today.

“Good enough isn’t good enough, if it can be better. And better isn’t good enough, if it can be best.” – Rick Bigsby

Contact Terry at: or 623-388-6721

Term expires 3/2020

Serving 2nd Term

Alan Meyer, Vice PresidentAlan Meyer

Alan and Debbie have lived in SCG since 2014, having relocated from New Jersey. Alan plays golf and bocce and is a past member of the Finance Advisory Committee. Debbie is treasurer of the Bocce Club and a neighborhood rep. Alan is a graduate of Rider University and is a NJ licensed certified public accountant.

Contact Alan at:  or 623-584-5281

Term expires 3/2021

Serving 1st Term

Jeff Gibbs, Treasurer

Jeff Gibbs Jeff and his wife Sara first came to Sun City Grand in 2003 with a home on Clear Canyon Drive. Currently, they live in Summerwind just off Goldwater Ridge and Waterford. Jeff has been active in both the Finance Advisory Committee and the Long Range Planning Committee. In addition, Jeff is a Blue League Softball player and a member of the Men's Nine Hole Golf Club. Sara is an avid bridge player and enjoys duplicate bridge games at both Sun City Grand and surrounding communities. Jeff previously authored a long-running column on West Valley growth and planning issues for the Arizona Republic and is also the author of a book on that subject.

Contact Jeff at: or 623-866-9669

Term expires 3/2020

Serving 2nd Term

Gene Neigoff, Secretary Gene Neigoff

Eugene and his wife, Judy, have lived in Grand since June of 2001, they have been married for 44 years. Eugene started out as a Neighborhood Representative and worked on the Architectural Review Committee Standards Sub-committee for 5 years. He was appointed to the master Architectural Review Committee and served until he was elected to the Board of Directors. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois and Loyola University, holding degrees in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. Eugene is proud to hold a Professional Engineering License. He served in the Army and in Vietnam for 19 months.

Contact Gene at: or 623-544-0525

Term expires 3/2021 

Serving 1st Term 

Bob Aiken, Board Member

Bob Aiken

Sun City Grand resident for 15 years with Linda, wife and partner for 38 years. Graduated from the University of Washington School of Business. Served in Vietnam and then graduated from NY School of Finance. Career included the investment brokerage business, followed by branch and corporate management within the soft drink industry from which he retired. Bob has served as a past SCG Board Member from 2013-2015.

Contact Bob at: or 623-214-6716

Term expires 3/2020

Serving 3rd Term

Don Love, Board Member

Don and Elaine, his wife of 54 years have lived in SCG for 1 year. Don Graduated from Purdue University and served in the Marine Corps as a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. Previous owner of a medical device distributorship while located in Northern California and later retired there where he served as President of a Trilogy HOA for three years. While in Sun City Grand, Don has served on the Financial Advisory Committee, the Reserve Sub Committee and the Long Range Planning Committee.

Contact Don at: or 530-391-4356

Term expires 3/2020

Serving 2nd Term

Earle Greenberg, Board Member Earle Greenberg

Earle started snowbirding here with his wife Sandy in 2013 and his parents soon followed. He is a featured regular in our Drama Club Musicals and Variety Shows, sings with the Music Club, is a regular Pickleball player, lap swimmer and is a member of the Shalom and Baby Boomers Clubs. He has been a member of LRP as the resident tech geek and taught SCG how to stream Board meetings in 2014. He has a B.S. from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Illinois. He spent four decades as a Chairman and member of a variety of municipal and not-for-profit Boards in Chicagoland and discovered late in life that he loves getting his hands dirty by renovating houses, which he continues to do at SCG in all his spare time.  

Contact Earle at: or 847-708-7989

Term expires 3/2021

Serving 1st Term

Grand Vision Statement

Grand is the premier active, age-restricted community in Arizona.

Grand Mission Statement

Grand provides residents with a high-value community, with resort- style amenities, in which every person can choose to participate and live well, based on their needs and desires. This high standard will maximize our investments and promote our well-being in an active close-knit community.

Grand Value Statements

In support of our Mission Statement, we hold to these values:

  • We foster relationships built on respect, trust, and effective communications.
  • We listen to understand.
  • We are open-minded, collaborative, and always look for ways to improve our community.
  • We believe in life-long learning and a desire for active well-being.
  • We are a forward-looking, fiscally-sound community.
  • We encourage an environment of empowerment and personal responsibility.