Finance Department

What We Do

The Finance Department manages, controls, and accurately reports on the financial affairs of Sun City Grand Community Association Inc. The department functions under the direction of the General Manager through which the needs, concerns, and desires of the homeowners are ultimately expressed. Additionally, the department is instrumental in the compilation of the Sun City Grand fiscal budget. The Budget establishes management's fiscal plan for the Association and is the control tool employed and referenced throughout the period by the CAM staff. The services, programs, revenues and expenses contained in the Budget reflect the methods and use of resources through which staff intends to accomplish the goals, objectives and long term plan of Sun City Grand Community Association Inc.

As a support function, the Finance Department works in partnership with the Community Association Management (CAM) departments to develop budgets, implement control measures, and establish policies and procedures aimed at accurately accounting for, safeguarding, and maximizing the value of the Association's assets. Our operations include:

  • Collecting and recording of receipts for assessments, fees, and other revenues;
  • Purchasing of goods and services;
  • Maintaining accurate financial records;
  • Monitoring investments;
  • Providing payroll services;
  • Overseeing adherence to budgetary restrictions;
  • Preparation and distribution of financial information; and
  • Safeguarding of assets.

How to Make an Assessment Payment:

  • Download the Auto Withdrawal Form
  • Mail to the address above or drop of at the Membership Office located in the Palm Center.
  • For credit card payments, please contact the Finance Department at 623-546-7438.

HOURS: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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Finance Department Mission Statement

In a spirit of excellence, integrity, and dedication, the Sun City Grand Finance Department is committed to providing timely, accurate, clear and complete information and support to our organization and homeowners.