Grand Election Team


The Board of Directors has granted the Grand Election Team (GET) the authority to facilitate the election for the Board of Directors and to coordinate the interviews for the board appointed committees (Call for Candidates).

2020 Board of Directors Election Winners

Grand Election Team Information

Meeting Dates & Times

Generally GET meetings are the first Wednesday of each month at 9:15 a.m. in the Palm Center Sago Room. However, there are months in which there are no meetings, and occasionally the meeting is scheduled for a different date as needed.

Grand Election Team Core Members

  • Joan Bean, Facilitator
  • Cory Tennant
  • Jane Cohen
  • Phyllis Borchardt
  • Dianne Miller

Grand Election Team Marketing & Communications Members

  • Adrienne Kirschner
  • Suzanne McFadden

Staff Liaison

Debra Goodman

Grand Election Team Documents