ADWR Mandatory Turf Reduction

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Arizona Department of Water Resources Mandates Sun City Grand to Reduce Turf Acreage and to Reduce Water Use

In 1985 the ADWR (Arizona Department of Water Resources) made it mandatory that all golf courses built after this date would only be allowed to have up to 90 acres of turf for each golf course.  All four of the courses here in Sun City Grand were built after this date and therefore must comply with the new AMA (Active Management Area) plan that was put into place to conserve water.

Two of the Sun City Grand golf courses; Granite Falls North (GFN) and Granite Falls South (GFS) were both built with more than 90 acres of turf.  Because of this, on July 24, 2019 Sun City Grand received a letter from the ADWR notifying us that GFN & GFS golf courses exceeded the maximum allowable turf amount of 90 acres.

The State has given Sun City Grand until the end of 2020 to remove a combined total of 27 acres of turf from GFN and GFS.  This will ensure each course will have no more than 90 acres of turf and bringing us into compliance with Arizona State Law. 

Since this letter, staff has engaged with our Golf Course Architect to locate and recommend which areas of turf on these two courses should be removed in order to be in compliance while having the least amount of impact on the playability of the golf courses.  The reduced turf areas have been re-designed by a Landscape Architect.  The mandatory turf reduction will take place during the summer of 2020.  The irrigation, plantings and placing of granite is to be completed by the end of 2020.  ADWR will come on property to inspect that this project has been completed and that it meets their guidelines.

There will be a Town Hall meeting on November 21st at 9:00am in the Sagebrush Room to answer any questions.  We will also have this taped for those who are unable to attend.