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Sun City Grand has a unique cohesive style that has an awe inspiring touch. To maintain our Grand Home standards, we have a few reference guides to help you improve your home. Listed below, you will find various information for your reference on making changes to your home.

Design Guidelines

Exterior Paint Colors & Schemes

Sherwin Williams

9100 Series

9200 Series

Dunn Edwards

9100 Series

9200 Series

Plants & Landscaping

Sun City Grand Approved Plant List 

Sun City Grand has an Approved List of Landscape Plants - please refer to this list prior to making any changes to your landscape.

  • Making a few (2-3) changes to your plant palette? Drop by the Standards Office and update your landscape plan. Be sure the plants you choose are on the Approved List.
  • Making more than a few changes to your plant palette? Please submit an updated landscape plan showing current and updated plant additions. Be sure all new additions are on the Approved List.
Low Water Use & Drought Tolerant Plants The Arizona Department of Water Resources offers a list of Low Water Use / Drought Tolerant Plants. This is a great resource if you're considering replacing or adding plants to your yard. Be sure the plants you choose are on Sun City Grand's Approved Plant List. For additional information on water conservation, visit Arizona Department of Water Resources. Information on Tree Trimming


Please contact the Standards Office.