Activity Cards and Guest Cards

Activity Cards

Each qualified occupant is entitled to an Activity Card, up to two cards per home. The card has the name, Membership Number, and a photo of the holder. You must show your Activity Card to use the facilities and amenities. You may not loan your Activity Card to anyone. It is for use only by the person whose name and photo appear on the card.

Additional Person(s) Living in the Home

If more than two qualified occupants live in the home, an additional Activity Card(s) can be purchased for one-half the Annual Assessment (non-refundable), and the card will be good for one year from the date of purchase.


Sun City Grand is an age-restricted community. Up to 15% of the homes may be occupied by the age 45-54 owner or renter. 85% of Sun City Grand homes must be occupied by a person age 55 or older. An under-45 occupant* may live in the home with the 45+ owner or renter, or with a 55+ occupant. No activity cards will be issued if there is not an age-qualified occupant in the home.

*No one under age 19 can live in Sun City Grand.

New Law
Effective July 24, 2014, a new Arizona rental law went into effect. Per the new law, because we allow owners to be age 45-54, Sun City Grand must also accept renters age 45-54. The under-55 renters will be counted with under-55 owners toward the allowable 15%.


You must check your guest in the first time each day and pay the current guest fee. You may deposit money into your Fitness Credit Book to pay for guest fees if you wish.

Definition of a Guest: A guest is a non-resident of Sun City Grand accompanied by a Sun City Grand resident with a valid activity card.

Renters are not "guests" of the owner, and may not be treated as such.

Lost Card/Purchase a Duplicate Card

If you have lost your Activity Card, of if you want a second card, the cost is $10.

Removing an Owner from Our Records

If ownership of your home has changed, and you need to remove an owner from our records, a legal document must be furnished, such as a death certificate, quit-claim deed, or divorce decree. In many cases the remaining owner will need a new Activity Card because the Membership Number will change.

Transfer Card

If you wish to transfer your Acitivity Card to another qualified occupant who has come to live in the home, the Transfer Fee is $100. Remember too, it will cost another Transfer Fee if you decide at a later date to transfer the card again. Proof of residency is required for non-owners.


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