Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to make a change to the outside of my home - what do I do?

    Click here to review the Application Process.

  • When can I find out if my application has been approved or disapproved?

    Come to the Standards office on Monday morning - if waiting isn't your thing, come on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please do not call ~ limited time and resources prohibit us from calling all the applicants every week.

  • How do I report a non-compliance issue?

    Non-compliance issues are reported in writing to the Standards Office. Click here to review the Compliance Process.

  • If I report a non-compliance issue, will you call me with the outcome?

    We will not automatically call the complainant. Our energies will be directed at bringing the homeowner into compliance.

  • How can I contact Pulte/Del Webb?

    Pulte Customer Service: 480-551-7440