Lost and Found

As items are reported, we will list them here with the date of the report.

To report an item lost or found, send an email to communications@scgcam.com.

Lost and Found can be reached at 623-546-7501

Current Lost and Found Items Posts

  • 2-2-2020 LOST ITEM: White golf club head cover. Strutting Grouse 2019. Lost between Pasadena Dr and Granite Falls North. Please call 208-390-7068
  • 11-19-2019 LOST ITEM: Odyssey Mallet putter cover lost near Cimarron golf course. Silver, red, and black. Please contact Laren at 623-547-7066
  • 1-27-2020 FOUND ITEM: Black leather case containing a New Testament Bible, marked with guides. Found while driving on Clearview at Palmview. Turned into the Sun City Grand Lost & Found (at the Welcome Desk in the Palm Center).
  • 1-21-2020 FOUND ITEM: Garage door opener on Grand Staircase Drive! Email Pchaderz@icloud.com
  • 12-23-2019 LOST ITEM: Black and blue Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach putter headcover lost during afternoon round at Granite South or driving back to Blue Sky neighborhood afterward. Call 607.205.7803
  • 12-11-2019 LOST ITEM: Zippered pouch 5" x 8" black with gold/red/turquoise leaf decorations, last seen in the Maricopa Room. Belongs to instructor Lee Perkins 207-944-3277
  • 12-22-2019 LOST ITEM: Gray windbreaker with some kind of golf logo on it left at pickleball instruction. Contact Donn 920-660-4984 or at Pelegrin@yahoo.com 
  • 12-8-2019 LOST ITEM: Lost driver's license. Contact Elliot 076-681-4391
  • 12-1-2019 FOUND ITEM: Black golf baseball cap, with logo, found on Goldwater Ridge near Clearview. 623-556-4078
  • 11-19-2019 LOST ITEM: Gray sweatshirt with a hood, left on Bocce Courts. Contact Bob if found 925-998-1813
  • 10-26-2019 LOST ITEM: Lost Ford Key Fob. Has ford key chain. Contact Janna if found 623-694-3805
  • 10-19-2019 LOST ITEM: Lost Plastic with wet swim wear and all star sneak. Contact Sheron if found 072-298-4831
  • 10-3-2019 LOST ITEM: Lost wallet on the evening of fall party at the Legacy Hill Pavillion in sun City. Please contact Kim Peel 512-943-0178
  • 9-16-2019 LOST ITEM: Blue under armor top. In the casino or at golf course. Please contact me if found. Stuart 076-869-6536
  • 6-4-2019 FOUND ITEM: iPad found and turned into the Association. If you are the owner, please login to your Apple account and put your iPad in "lost" mode.

  • 5-31-2019 FOUND ITEMWooden rosary beads near Angela's parking lot. This item was brought into lost and found in the Welcome Center. Please contact the Welcome Center at 623-546-7501 to claim this item.

  • 5-22-2019 LOST ITEMLost VW car key.  Black case attached to chain & green identifier. Chuck Martin 623-217-2880

  • 5-10-2019 LOST ITEM: Black Spalding Jacket with white and grey strips down the sleeves. The jacket was lost at Granite Falls North near #17. Contact Roy at rshoemaker6@cox.net if found.

  • 5-6-2019 LOST ITEMLost very expensive cochlear implant attachment. The attachment was lost on/around the walking paths between the amphitheater and Angela's Restaurant. It's a round, electronic device 2 1/2" in diameter with a magnetic clip, custom attachment for cochlear implant. $50 REWARD! Contact Fred or Marsha Cohn 925-334-1907.

  • 4-16-2019 LOST ITEM: Prescription sunglasses lost at Sun City Grand garage sale, brown frames in silver tone case. Contact madelinejgray@gmail.com if found.

  • 3-17-2019 LOST ITEM: Lost purple canvas open top tool bag, with glass art tools and supplies. Please contact Linda at 612-998-5107. Reward offered.

  • 2-18-2019 LOST ITEMBicycle flag, yellow/orange in color, triangular in shape with "Catrike" on the sail.  Call 503-705-6701 if found. 

  • 2-5-2019 LOST ITEMLost wallet between N. San Salvador Court and Granite Falls via Rockwood and Villa Bella. Fell out of golf cart. Please contact Kevin at (518) 209-8657 or kmeglit@gmail.com.

  • 2-1-2019 FOUND ITEM: Bag found with a FrogTog jacket on the street near the Lutheran church on Clearview. Contact Dave at 425-444-5740

  • 2-1-2019 LOST ITEM: Ray-Ban sunglasses and Toyota car fob and key ring.  Email fiona.ritchie13@yahoo.com if found.

  • 1-29-2019 FOUND CAT: Grey American Shorthair adult cat spotted near Laurel Canyon Court and Window Rock in Desert Oasis.
  • 1-25-2019 LOST ITEMLand’s End sweatshirt, heather gray, XL

    Last seen at Cimarron Fitness Center. If found, please call 623-215-8472

  • 1-17-2019 FOUND ITEM: Knit ASU hat, found on Rim Dr. Contact karrej150@aol.com to retrieve.
  • 1-15-2019 LOST ITEM: Black small square "golf buddy" gps device somewhere on Desert Springs and Encantada in mid-December. Please email btvivian@mac.com if found.
  • 1-15-2019 LOST ITEMTurquoise Big Bubba water bottle. Please email fayzale@aol.com if found.

Lost and Found Pets


Current Lost and Found Pets Posts

  • 10-17-2019 LOST PET: Bengal Cat. Male. Microchipped. Very loud, distinct meow. Seen this morning (10/17) in Desert Sage. Call Tina if seen/found 1(916) 802-4527
  • 8-13-2019 LOST PET: Lost White Dog with no collar seen wandering the Sierra Vista Drive and Goldwater area.